Mike Moor


Mike Moor graduated from the Cheltenham School of Art in 1989 and travelled widely before settling in West Yorkshire and completing an MA in Printmaking. As well as frequent exhibitions he has undertaken commissions including illustrating a gothic horror story exhibited at the Eagle Gallery, London and designing labels for the Prisoner Wine Company to continue their iconic range of images based on Goya’s ‘Little Prisoner’ etching. More recently he has made drawings based on the Queen of Swords for a contemporary take on Tarot to be published this year, and cd booklet illustrations for The Ensemble of the Golden Bough.

He has sold work internationally and is represented in the Leeds City Art Gallery collection with etchings from his ‘City Fragments’ suite based on statues and sculptures in the city.

Mike was born on a Pennine farm in the 60’s and to support his studies and painting worked on farms in England and Antigua from where he crossed the Atlantic on a 30’ yacht before disembarking in Spain. During the journey he encountered storms, the loss of provisions and hallucinations brought about through exhaustion and hunger. Much of Mike’s work is symbolic of such life experiences, a kind of subliminal diary associated with adventure, and a deep connection between animal and human worlds and his attempts to depict the unfathomable nature and wonder of life.

Mike is represented by ‘The Biscuit Factory’ Newcastle and the ’Craft Centre and Design Gallery’ Leeds.

The Landing Place - Mike Moor, Oil on Canvas