A contemporary perspective on London’s ancient brass heritage and Britain’s visionary classical and folk music traditions by some of the country’s most distinctive players.

Irish Reel: Molly on the Shore for Brass Quintet 

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Percy Aldridge Grainger

Arranged for Brass Quintet by Ryan Linham

Cornet 1 and 2

French horn / Tenor Horn in Eb

Trombone / Euphonium

Tuba / Eb Bass

Molly on the Shore for Brass Quintet

About us

The Ensemble of The Golden Bough is documenting the nation’s unique tradition of brass playing, folk song and classical music through live performance, recordings, and concert video documentaries.

Based in London and founded in 2021 by some most highly regarded brass musicians in the country the ensemble was immediately met with rave reviews and requests to perform around the world.

The highly anticipated debut album and concert video ‘British Folk Music for Brass Ensemble: The Land Without Music Vol. 1’ was released digitally in the Summer of 2021 and will be followed by a physical CD release in the Spring of 2022. (Read more)

‘An exciting new ensemble… Blimey they can really play. A joy to hear, highly recommended!’
– Amos Miller, Founder of Onyx Brass

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